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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hi Guys,

Friday BlackOut Lunch at 1pm... Pls take note... Thx...

ab' Boon

10:33 PM

i think most ppl are free on one pm on thurs or fri izzit?
i think so ba..jus make sure u guyz do view the post as many tyms as possible..
so tat informations will be make known to u..hahaz


12:23 PM

Sia la.... lol.... Everyone is spamming whilst i M.I.A. hahaha... =DD
btw... as most of u ppl noe, on monday, there was supposed to a blackout lunch at 1, yet only adeline, ah boon and nicholas went. I was available yet i forgot about it.. So i wish to apologise for not turning up! =DD pang sehed u all... LOL!

Next tym u all post a meeting... Must make sure it is big big big so ppl cannot find excuses.... HAHAHA....
Bye!!!! =DD

aleX =DD

P.S: This video is for those hardgay fanatics out there!!!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~

Online Videos by

9:54 AM

Monday, October 29, 2007

aiyoooo.. damn boring..



1:40 PM

Sunday, October 28, 2007

here i am..i have a new blog le!!!
do come in and tag me okie?ThanQ(:


3:14 PM

Hi Guys,
I was thinking maybe we can have lunch on someday this week again... Just normal lunch... Maybe at 1pm... If U all wan...

By the way, if U all wan, feel free to post yr breaks online or even yr matrix no online so that I can check our available breaks thus maybe have lunch together some other day... I think It would be great if we could have 1 every wk...

It'll be appreciative if U all could reply this asap... Thanks...

ab' Boon

1:06 AM

Saturday, October 27, 2007

those who went for the lunch ytd , did you all enjoy it ?
but sad case la , some didnt go , and for some of those who went didnt wear blackout tee .
that's like so *&*%$&*%^#$% =x
joking joking . (:
hope you all have enjoyed the day yesterday .
and hope that more people will come along next time (:


- jia en (:

4:02 PM

Friday, October 26, 2007

adeline spam.. LOL.

fridays are so boring.. blackout rocks.. :)


12:00 PM

Thursday, October 25, 2007

cos of the many ppl tat have different time break..
so i think we jus neglect this time ba...


9:24 AM

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Watch this video!! Its damn nice luhhhh...... OMGGGG

Online Videos by

10:44 AM

To all BlackOuts,

On behalf of all those who had contributed in making the shirt, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone for their contribution. In additional, I would also like to thank the following people who has been supporting me with the making of BlackOut shirts:

Jing Yi- Main contributor. Behind the design, stay up till late night to do all the drawings, went all the way down to Queensway Shopping Centre to check the price and take the shirts.

Alex- The one who has accompany us to check the price and fork out his time to take the shirt. Also help in posting of blog to ask the people to "pay up on time!"

Qin Hui- The muscular guy who has been helping me out with the carrying of shirts.

Last but not least,
Adeline- Who has been doing the shirt in the first place.

To all those 4 person out there, Thanks, I really appreciate your help!

Last but not least, Thanks for making the shirt so effective and successful!

BlackOut Oi, BlackOut Oi, BlackOut Oi!

ab' Boon =0)

12:23 AM

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey BLACKOUTS!! haha. i wanna say thanks to those who help out with the shirt. from designing to collecting details to going down to queensway to order and collect it and to give it out to us. thanks loads. without your efforts we wouldnt receive our shirts by now! haha. thanks lots arh..

hmmm, so are we wearing the shirt as an empire this friday?


Lutfi a.k.a fifi

9:39 PM


so blackout has finally gotten their limited edition 2007 t-shirts. i hope everyone's happy with the result, although we had so many different problems in the making.. design too complicated lah, delay of collection date lah.. whatever the problem is, it still comes down to a point to note, we have our shirts, we have our shirts, we have our shirts, we have our shirts, we have our shirts, WE HAVE OUR SHIRTS! lol.. still, its more important that everyone likes the outcome of the design.. i hope there isn't anyone complaining about it. enjoy your shirts everyone!

PSP: count me in for blackout lunch ah. but update me on time please. CDS day is so nonsense, timing all haywire..


8:40 PM

Hi everyone! For those that are posting on this blog. Kindly check ur hotmail pls as I have sent invitation emails to u ppl to become authors of this blog. The is no longer valid. Thank you! =DD

aleX =DD


7:33 PM

Blackout Shirt!!!
(another family member of blackout)
Let's welcome it!!!


3:26 PM

can i request we have another blackout lunch on fri?
and then all of us wiill wear blackout T-shirt????
we must show off to other empire tat we have our t-shirt done first!!!!
jus sms miie if u guys r alrite wid it...fri 1 pm???


3:03 PM

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hi everyone!!

Just popping by to inform u all.... We have got the tees!!! hahaha!
Pls drop by the IITSC booth tml b4 1pm to collect ur tees! Thank you!

P.S: Jamie , Xue Yuan, Ke Xian, Jia En and Desmond, pls make ur payments to us asap! Thanks! =DD

9:32 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Moshi moshi! Hi everyone! Just to inform u! We'll be having a Blackout Lunch on Monday, 22nd October 2007! Time and venue are as stated:

Time: 1pm (1300 hrs)
Venue: School Concourse

We sincerely hope everyone would try to turn up! So pls spread the word arnd to all those tad u know! Thank you!

aleX =DD

11:41 AM

thousands and thousands of apologies to fellow blackouts. I had no choice but to abort my mission to collect your limited edition t-shirts thanks to the uncle at the shop. wasted and expensive trip down there (transport so ex.. zz. take train then ezlink no money..zz). but it's ok. the mission WILL continue coming tuesday. we're still looking for volunteers to come along with us though. heeheeee.. your good deeds will truly be appreciated..

anyhoo.. school will begin TOMORROW!! be it happy or sad, good or bad, just enjoy yourself lah. hahaha. or rather, u can enjoy your last day of holidays to the max. go crazy. run around the house naked (not advisable), eat all u can, sleep as much as possible, play more games whilst u still can, basically just do whatever! its the last day before school re-opens! just enjoy lah.. haha. good luck to everyone for the next semester! :)

gentle reminder. since we're not able to collect the t-shirt, it'll be super duper ultimately great if everyone can pay for the t-shirt tomorrow, monday. so that we have enough money to pay for the balance without owing money here and there. it'll be much easier for us as well. so yeah. please help make things easier for us, by calling 1900-PAY-ON-TIME. thanks for your kind "donations".

anyway that's all for now.
see u guys around in school.
dont cut queues,
do follow cues.
pay attention in classes,
dont fall asleep in classes.
dont be mellow, (only if yellow)
adios amigos.


1:05 AM

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hi ppl, ehh... Just to inform everyone, we regret to sae tad we havent been able to collect the tees as planned. The shop uncle saes tad he has been out-stationed so he hasnt been able to collect the tees from the factory. So we most probably would be collecting the tees on Tuesday. So I hope those ppl that hadnt pay could kindly make arrangements wif me, jing yi or boon to pay the money. Thank you All!!! =DD


9:23 PM

Basically everyone was invited for this outing but sad to say only 7 of us turns up..
but nvm,cos we understand tat those hu din attend might have sth else more important..
but i wan to comment on this outing is tat,WE R HAVING FUN!!!
we take neoprints,eat at wisma food court,and even argue over which venue to go to next after our,and so shock to say,jus this "discusion" bout wat to do next take us nearly half and hour...
Finally,we come up wid an idea of going sing kbox.
YES,we did go..but ah boon who is goign to join us say he dun wan to sing...
so we have to think of other things tat can make us all harpie..haha
few choices to make:movie?kbox?pool at douby guaant?pool at ceni(which is more ex)? board games(the four dollars thingy place)..hmmm
i am actually suggesting we separate into three or two grps who wan to go where go where,but cy say:"cnt la!!!like tat nt blackout liao..this will call black and out le...cnt!!!!"
haha..ya,after thinkin,wat he says make we sat dere for another 30min again..
hahaz..finally,finnallll decission[pool at ceni]haha...
we book two "tables" and play for 2 full hours!!!
i din noe Jamie was a good pool player!!! for miie?ah boon and alex have to point to which point i have to shoot..if not my white ball will go all the way into the "draiin"...haha..
and all the "*pu**y catsdolls" all become the ballx for miie to hit...haha
Thanx to jia en!!!haha..ya"Pussycatdolls"..haha


8:05 AM



7:57 AM

Friday, October 19, 2007

hey guyz, actually for this blog,wat we need is scandalz and scandalz!!!
so tat we can "blacklist" some ppl>..hehe

-sotong ade- (:

8:03 AM

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hi all! Happy-hooooo!!! Hahs... Jus updated the skins and feel bored so decided to write some shit.... Just to inform everyone! PLS PAY THE MONEY ASAP PLS! THANK YOU!!! =DD

Note: If u wish to pass the money to someone, pls call me, ah boon or jing yi! We'll make necessary arrangements! =DD

Alex! =DD

8:34 PM

just some updates on the blackout tee.

Congratulations people. everyone will be getting our LIMITED EDITION blackout t-shirts on MONDAY, 22 October, first day of school. and since its a school day, we'll have to arrange carefully on when u can take it since the timetables are all different. so please do inform us on the timings which u are available, so that we can work things out.

Prices of the t-shirt is: $13 for round neck tee, and $15 for polo tee. so if you're buying both, it'll cost you $28. please pay according to what u ordered. if u haven't paid ah boon yet, please please PLEASE do remember to pay him coming monday when u collect the t-shirt. otherwise he may not give u the tee. hahaha.

Ah boon, Alex and myself will be going down to collect the t-shirts at Queensway shopping centre. any kind soul wants to come along and help us? u'll get your t-shirts first hand.. hahaha. in anycase, please let us know whether u're interested to come along. of course, the more the merrier.. haha.

that's about it then.. PEOPLE! await your limited edition t-shirt. i'm sure u'll love it. at least, i hope u'll love it.. hahaha.



12:48 PM

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


i'm sorry for the lousy skin. cant seem to find one which fits..

until a kind samaritan helps us create one, we'll just have to make do with this skin.

thousands of apologies for any inconvenience caused.

then again,

the BLACKOUT blog is


fellow blackouts,

please show your support by visiting your very own site for updates on outings etc.

with this blog up, we can all save money instead of sending mass SMSes.

wonderful right?


your help is very much appreciated.


9:30 PM