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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Days flew by , projects by projects, assignments by assignments, life is really getting boring.. Stress are loading up and are reaching an uber-high limit... zzz...
I believe everyone in currently in the same state as I am in now, so why not look at things on a brighter side? When doing work, u learn new things and interact more with the friends that u do not know that well... It sure would bring little little enjoyments to ur stressful life!

Everyone! Lets do this all together shall we?
After all that stress and burden is over, we shall release it all at once together, shall we?!

Takkaire everyone! =DD

P.S: I dun mind the lunch thing but however it isnt quite working...LOL perhaps movie? =DD

aleX =DD

9:00 PM

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Once again, JingYi is here to save the day.

As everyone complains that there's no one posting when so many people has the right to, I shall break the silencing curse, and make noise here. so donch complain here stagnant ah.

so how's everyone with your homework? must be super damn busy now right? lol.. i got tonnes of work.. just that i've yet to begin.. hahaha. i'm so screwed la.. week 7 OOPG assignment haven't start.. happiness..

oh well.. until i have something intersting to write about, i'll see u guys in school..

take carey..


1:49 AM

Monday, November 12, 2007

time check: 1544hours on monday afternoon.

just dropping by to say all de best for chiong-ing your respective projects! dun neglect any of them hor. haha. okay im bored coz i didnt go lecture. cmaths 2 is driving me nuts. take care blackouts!

Lutfi. :D

3:44 PM

Friday, November 9, 2007

bitter sweet moments.. lol.. its 1.03am on a friday early morning, and i've yet to sleep.. lol..

had our deepavali holiday and we're gonna go back to boring friday, where i have a sad 4 hour break.. -.- but like they always say, TGIF - Thank God Its Friday.. weee.. last day of the week..

urgh.. projects coming in, everything coming in.. blah..

hold on everybody! this trip is gonna be rough..

take carey!

12:44 AM

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

since the blog has quiet down so much, i decided to spice it up again.. lol.. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.. i'm sure all of u know that the image below is what seems to be tau-pok. ya ya.. everybody knows that.. but who is the lucky guy at the bottom? no prizes for winners. strictly for fun.. lol.

enjoy your deepavali day everyone.. and happy deepavali to all our flens out there!

4:19 PM

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hey guyz,remember to come for lunch tomoro at 1 pm pls..especially DESMOND(our dear "mark Lee")hahaz...okie? FYI,i already tell "mark lee" to go le lorh...but hope so he will go..hahaz.anyway i noe tat some ppl like yufei has no lesson on fri but have to come back to sch cos of Blackout touching rite?!(On behalf of blackout:thanx to yufei)(:

So see u guys tomoro!!!!


4:31 PM